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Why You Should Make miVIP Your Surgical Center of Choice

Find Out Why Patients Continue to Trust miVIP Surgery Centers

miVIP Surgery Centers offers patients a more comfortable alternative to traditional Bariatric surgery in Miami, which often requires extensive hospital stays. Because our surgical procedures are done on an outpatient basis, you can get back to your normal routine quicker than ever and can recover in the comfort of your own home. Are you wondering how it is possible for us to provide outpatient surgery that would normally require extensive recovery time in-hospital? The answer lies in our minimally invasive surgical procedures and our careful selection of patients who qualify for these procedures and could benefit from the quick recovery times that they offer.


Our Directors of Surgery are responsible for identifying and selecting patients who meet our Medical Clearance Requirements and are good candidates for our minimally invasive outpatient surgical procedures. These Directors of Surgery are physicians who undergo special training and are leaders in the field of minimally invasive outpatient surgery. They also provide world-wide education to other surgeons on the subject of outpatient surgery and surgical techniques. Because your safety is our top priority, a first assistant will always be present to help the surgeon perform each surgical procedure. Having more than one set of eyes, ears and hands in the operating suite helps to ensure your safety during the procedure. Our highly trained support staff is dedicated to your comfort and safety before and after your surgical procedure.

Top-Notch Surgeons and Knowledgeable Support Staff

In order to work with miVIP, our surgeons and support staff are required to show excellence in their field and must display a determination to treat our patients with the best care in the industry. Because of our emphasis on providing the finest care before, during and after surgery, our patients know they can rely on us for their surgical needs. We are a highly-trusted outpatient surgical and sleep apnea center in the Miami area. Here are a few of the reasons you can depend on us to provide you with the finest surgical care possible:

  • All of our surgeons are required to be Board Certified.
  • Many of our surgeons teach at universities.
  • Our support staff is carefully trained and is dedicated to helping you have the best possible experience before and after surgery.
  • Your comfort and safe recovery are our top priorities, so you can rest assured that your experience with us will be a positive one.

Excellence and Professionalism

Here at miVIP, our staff consistently adheres to superior professionalism and medical ethics in all of their dealings with our patients. All surgical facilities utilized by miVIP Surgery surgeons are accredited by the Joint Commission and we continuously meet or even exceed all of the rules and guidelines that state and federal authorities require for a facility of our type.

Superior Equipment and Facilities

Here at miVIP, we firmly believe our patients have the right to expect the very best facilities and equipment for their surgical needs. Because of this, we keep our facility very clean and fill it with top-of-the-line equipment. We focus all of our attention on procuring the very best surgeons and support staff possible and providing them with the finest equipment available. This ensures that our staff has the resources and tools to take care of your needs and give you the very best care.

Investigate Your Minimally-Invasive Surgical Options

To find out more about the outpatient surgical procedures that we offer here at miVIP, give us a call today at 855-996-4847.