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Umbilical Hernia Repair

miVIP is Here to Take Care of Your Umbilical Hernia Repair Procedure

With an umbilical hernia, fluids, fat or tissue bulge out through the abdominal wall and into the navel. Innovative medical technology makes it possible for hernias to be treated without having to resort to invasive surgical procedures. When you allow the surgical experts at miVIP Miami to take care of your umbilical hernia repair, you will have the additional advantage of being qualified as an outpatient.

We understand that you might be nervous about your upcoming procedure, which is why we make sure that we do everything possible to ensure our patients are at ease about their surgery. We also make sure that you have up-to-date hernia information in regards to the condition as well as the procedure.

How We Perform the Surgery

 Umbilical hernia repair is one of the many minimally invasive surgeries that we perform. During the procedure:

·       Anesthesia is administered to the patient

·       A series of small incisions are made

·       The hernia is separated from the surrounding tissue before being repositioned

·       Mesh and stitches are used to reinforce the area where the hernia was

·       The incision is stitched closed

If necessary during the procedure, the surgeon will suture any muscle or tissue that has been damaged.

Your miVIP Surgeons

What sets miVIP surgeons apart from all other medical practitioners is that ours are the best in their field and come from top medical schools from around the globe. We also have an equally highly regarded and talented support staff to aid our surgeons. Your surgery will be performed with only the absolute best medical technology and techniques.

After Your Procedure

Before you are allowed to go home, we will check your vitals to make sure that they have stabilized. You might be able to get back to work and your normal day-to-day routine anywhere from one or two days after your procedure. While you will have access pain medication, a majority of our patients do not need it. You can expect to be completely healed anywhere from two to four weeks after your surgery.

Procedure Cost

The cost of your umbilical hernia repair will mostly depend on your health insurance. If the condition interferes with your ability to work, then your insurance provider might cover you. If the procedure is for purely cosmetic reasons, then there is a chance that you will have to take care of the costs on your own. In either case, we will work with you to develop a personalized payment plan and verify your coverage.

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