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Inguinal Hernia Repair

Minimally Invasive Techniques for Your Condition

When soft tissues start to protrude through part of your abdominal wall, you may be diagnosed with what is known as an inguinal hernia. While the intestines are not always involved, it is possible that part of this organ has been pushed out of its space and is bulging elsewhere. Some people do not experience any symptoms at all, though others find the condition to be painful. Fortunately, our team at miVIP Miami offers inguinal hernia repair to remedy the situation.

If you have an inguinal hernia, you may experience:

·       A bulge near your pubic bone

·       Pain or pressure in your groin

·       Feeling burning or even gurgling in your groin

Patients who find themselves in need of minimally invasive hernia surgery are typically obese, pregnant or have developed the condition as a result of straining during bowel movements or excessive coughing. If you think you may have a hernia, you should contact your physician as soon as possible.

How Does Inguinal Hernia Surgery Work?

These hernias will not repair themselves on their own, which is why inguinal hernia repair is so important. If the hernia becomes involved in the intestines, it can result in obstructed bowels, nausea, vomiting and excessive pain or swelling.

To resolve the issue, our surgeons at miVIP offer minimally invasive hernia surgery during which patients are placed under general anesthesia. Your physician will use tiny incisions in your abdomen and insert a very thin tube. Through this tube, the doctor will use small tools to locate the hernia and put the tissues back into place. Even if you need repair on both sides of your groin, the doctor will only need to make incisions on one side. Any potential openings in the abdominal wall will be closed with surgical mesh in an effort to prevent the hernia from returning.

The Surgeons at miVIP

Our team is experienced in performing inguinal hernia repair. As board certified physicians, they are well equipped to use cutting edge technology to afford you a speedy recovery. Our doctors are considered leaders in their field and even teach other physicians about our minimally invasive techniques.

Your Recovery

Thanks to our minimally invasive hernia surgery techniques, you can be back on your feet sooner than if you chose a traditional procedure. Additionally, our method ensures that you have:

·       A lower risk of bleeding or infection

·       Less post-surgery discomfort

·       Quicker healing

While inguinal hernia repair cannot guarantee the condition will not return, fewer than 3 percent of patients experience a reoccurrence.

The Cost of the Procedure

In order to determine how much you will pay for your surgery, please contact one of our representatives. At miVIP, we do accept most forms of PPO and POS insurance policies. Your insurance will largely dictate your out-of-pocket expense.

Other Information

Following your minimally invasive hernia surgery surgery it is important to monitor your recovery. Although it is rare, you should alert your physician if you experience any side effects such as a fever or excessive bleeding or drainage from the surgery site.

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