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miVIP Miami Patient Portal

Your Constant Line of Communication with Us

miVIP has a reputation for embracing the latest and greatest in surgical technology and employing it in the procedures that we perform. Such a practice is geared at delivering you the best experience possible when you choose to work with us. Yet that technology isn't solely used to benefit you while in the operating room; we also provide you with online tools to use to communicate with us before and after your procedure.

Clear Communication Throughout Your Surgical Process

You're bound to have questions regarding your procedure in the days leading up to it, and the recovery process is often filled with uncertainty. Yet the sole reason that many people choose miVIP Miami is so that they don't have to remain hospitalized under the eyes of clinical staff for extended periods of time. The minimally-invasive procedures that we specialize in usually don't require such extensive aftercare, yet that doesn't mean that you won't feel any pain or discomfort, or won't have questions as to how your body is responding to your surgery. Plus, there's the added concern about the payment of your insurance claim.

In the absence a nurse or one of our patient advocates at your bedside, our online Patient Portal is next best thing. Through it, you can access such information as:

  • Patient forms
  • Informational webinars
  • Doctor correspondence
  • Newsletters
In addition, you can submit questions to our clinical or patient advocacy staff about your procedure or any billing or insurance issues that may be concerning you. Our team will try to get back to you with the appropriate response as soon as possible.

To access the Patient Portal, simply register through our website for a username and password. Any information shared through the portal is protected and is only done at your discretion.

We Want to Hear from You

At miVIP Miami, we hope that you never feel as though you have to bear the burden of concerns related to your care alone. We want you to communicate those concerns with us whenever they arise. Using our Patient Portal allows you immediate access to information directly from our staff to help answer your questions and assuage your concerns. If you encounter any issues logging into or using the Portal, please call us immediately at 1.855.996.4847.

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If you are a new miVIP patient and have not setup your user name and password, you can contact our call center at 855-996-4847 or complete the Contact Us form and we will contact you regarding your account setup.

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