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Our Fort Lauderdale clinic is no longer accepting patients. We welcome you to our new location in Hollywood, FL. You may schedule an appointment by completing the Contact Us form or by calling (855) 996-4847.

miVIP Clinic Hollywood

Bringing World-class Surgical Care to Your Door

As scientific advances have helped to transition surgical care out of the standard hospital operating room, more and more people are looking to avoid the stress involved with a hospitalization by having their procedures done at specialty surgical centers. For Hollywood residents, the miVIP Clinic provides the absolute best in outpatient surgical care.

Employing the Latest Surgical Technologies

miVIP has developed a strong reputation around the world for excellence in patient care. We're able to succeed at providing better patient outcomes than most hospitals and other comparable surgical centers by focusing on giving our patients the following:

  • Care from the finest surgical team in the business, headlined by surgeons who are all recognized as experts in their respective fields.
  • Excellent facilities designed to provide an atmosphere conducive to the care process.
  • Access to cutting-edge surgical technologies and practices.
Long recognized as a leader in advanced surgical practices, we at miVIP are constantly employing the latest advances in surgical care in our centers. Surgical research these days is focused on improving patient outcomes by minimizing tissue damage and allowing for greater treatment accuracy. We at miVIP Hollywood understand that by taking advantage of these new surgical practices is what allows us to help patients get back on their feet that much faster.

A Focus on Patient Safety

Don't allow our focus on fast treatment with a speedy recovery to fool you; we make patient safety our top priority. The miVIP Clinic -Hollywood is accredited through the Joint Commission, meaning that we meet all federal requirements regarding patient care. We not only strive to meet their requirements, but to exceed them where we can. It's that focus on providing extraordinary care that drives us to provide you with the opportunity to work with the world's finest surgeons in helping to solve any medical problems that you may currently be experiencing.

Located at 3475 Sheridan Street, miVIP Hollywood brings world-class surgical care practically to your door. Trust your next outpatient procedure to the miVIP surgical team. Call us today at 1.855.996.4847 to schedule an initial consultation with one of our surgeons.

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