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Helping Out Our Fellow Physicians

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miVIP Surgery Centers are not only here to offer quality minimally invasive surgeries to our patients, we’re also here to educate our fellow physicians about the latest cutting edge medical and surgical technology. We understand that not every physician has access to the same resources, but that’s no reason that they shouldn’t get to try out new technology or procedures firsthand in order to expand their surgical and medical knowledge.

The miVIP Treatment

miVIP Surgery Centers strives to offer patients the very best of care, which means going to every length for patient convenience, employing the best medical and surgical staff and utilizing the best surgical equipment for every procedure.

The miVIP treatment also includes:

  • World class surgeons
  • Making sure that there’s a RNFA, PA or surgeon who is properly trained in specific types of surgery to assist the primary surgeon in the operating room
  • Carefully selecting each patient prior to their surgery in order to make sure that they’re a good candidate for outpatient surgery
  • Educating our fellow physicians as well as our patients through the use of seminars, surgery observation and webinars
  • Making sure that our patients are well taken care of with expert aftercare facilities and home care nursing
  • Offering our patients surgery times on Saturdays

Improving Medical and Surgical Care One Physician At a Time

miVIP has several locations scattered around the country, but we don’t want to be limited by geography. Teaching other physicians how to take better care of their patients and how to perform better surgeries benefits everyone in the medical industry. We want our fellow physicians to learn more about marketing and business development, patient support, quality assurance and quick operating room turnover so that they can take care of more patients.

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If you’re a physician and you’d like to learn more about the latest surgical and medical equipment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a miVIP representative by calling 855-996-4847. If you’re a patient and you’d like a free evaluation, feel free to fill out the Contact Us form while you’re here at our website. We look forward to giving you the miVIP treatment!