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About Inguinal Hernia

Discover What Causes Your Condition

Your inguinal canal is a passageway that leads from your abdominal wall and into the groin. It is possible that a section of your bowels or the abdominal cavity can protrude through weaker areas in your abdomen, commonly through this passageway. When this occurs, it is known as an inguinal hernia. Fortunately, our highly-skilled surgeons at miVIP Miami offer inguinal hernia surgery as a solution.

A hernia can occur throughout your body when an internal organ has moved from its proper place and bulges elsewhere. Using cutting edge technology, our staff conducts minimally invasive procedures to treat either forms of an inguinal hernia:

·       Direct: This can occur as a result of heavy lifting, trauma or other sources of pressure

·       Indirect: This typically is a result of a genetic birth defect, which may not appear until later in life

Inguinal Hernias Are More Common Than You Think

Getting hernia information may help you feel better about your condition. If you have an inguinal hernia, you are not alone. More than 500,000 Americans experience such a hernia every year. Men are ten times as likely as women to acquire a direct inguinal hernia.

What Causes the Condition?

While the true cause of some hernias is unknown, there are situations in which a physician can trace your need for inguinal hernia surgery to:

·       Having a weak abdominal wall

·       Severe coughing

·       Pregnancy

·       Carrying excess weight

·       Heavy lifting

·       Straining during bowel movements

·       Other factors that cause pressure in the abdomen to increase

Symptoms of Inguinal Hernias

It is possible to have such a hernia and not even know it. It is important to review hernia information so you are aware of the symptoms that could indicate an inguinal hernia, such as:

·       A bulge accompanied by aching, burning or gurgling

·       Feeling a sensation of heaviness in the groin

·       A protrusion that appears near your pubic bone

·       Pain or pressure in the groin, especially when you are coughing, bending or lifting

There are treatment options, such as inguinal hernia surgery, to treat your condition.

Solutions for Your Symptoms

If you have been diagnosed with an inguinal hernia, you may be able to treat it with noninvasive methods. Should the hernia increase in size, you may find yourself experiencing more and painful symptoms. In that case, you may choose to have inguinal hernia surgery. Left untreated, a hernia can restrict blood flow to the intestines, which can result in bowel obstructions or necrosis of the bowels.

Our team at miVIP offers inguinal hernia repair, which is minimally invasive. A physician will make tiny incisions in your abdomen to move the herniated area back into place. The doctor will then either close or strengthen the area using a surgical mesh.

Your Long-Term Prognosis

According to hernia information, it is impossible to prevent an indirect inguinal hernia. You can repair a direct one, though it is possible that it will return. You can prevent a reoccurrence through:

·       Getting to a healthy weight

·       Eating foods that are high in fiber

·       Taking caution when lifting heavy objects

·       Ceasing smoking

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