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About Hiatal Hernia

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Your digestive system is a complex network of organs, tissues and processes. The part of your body where the diaphragm opens and leads into the stomach is known as the hiatus. Some individuals experience pain as a result of the stomach bulging into their chest through this opening. When this occurs, it is known as a hiatal hernia. At miVIP Miami, we have extensive experience and can offer solutions such as hiatal hernia repair.

A hernia occurs when an internal organ pushes into an area where it should not. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our surgeons can perform a hiatal hernia procedure to relieve two common types of the condition:

·       Paraesophageal Hernia: This occurs when your stomach has pushed through the hiatus and sits alongside your esophagus. While extremely rare, this is an especially dangerous condition.

·       Sliding Hiatal Hernia: This is the more common condition that occurs when part of the esophagus moves through the hiatus and into the chest.

Hiatal Hernias Are Common in Older Individuals

The older you are, the more likely you may be in need of a hiatal hernia procedure. Around 15 percent of Americans suffer a hiatal hernia at some point, and the majority of those individuals are 50 years or older. Roughly 95 percent of those instances are sliding hiatal hernias.

What Causes a Hiatal Hernia?

While researchers are still trying to pinpoint exact causes of hiatal hernias, there are some known factors that are linked to the condition. Pressure on the abdomen can cause the hernia, which can result from:

·       Pregnancy

·       Obesity

·       Coughing excessively

·       Bowel movements

Other individuals are born with the condition and are in need of hiatal hernia repair.

Symptoms You May Experience

While many people with a hiatal hernia experience a variety of symptoms, it is possible to have one without even knowing it. These people may initially complain about heartburn, which results in a physician finding the condition and suggesting a hiatal hernia procedure. Other individuals may experience:

·       Chest pain

·       Feeling bloated

·       Shortness of breath

·       Regurgitation

·       A difficulty swallowing

Your Treatment Options

If you have been diagnosed with this condition, you are likely in need of hiatal hernia repair surgery. Our team at miVIP is highly adept at resolving hernia issues laparoscopically, which means it is a minimally invasive procedure. Using tiny incisions, a surgeon will put your stomach and esophagus back where they should be and secure them in place with either stitches or staples.

Long-Term Prognosis

A hiatal hernia procedure can treat the symptoms you have in conjunction with the condition. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the hernia will not return.

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