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About Gallstones

Cutting Edge Technology & Techniques to Treat Gallstones

Positioned underneath your liver is the gallbladder, which also gathers bile that’s created by the liver. Once the bile has been collected, it moves to the small intestine through the cystic duct and the common bile duct in order to help with digestion.

An excess of cholesterol can lead to the formation of stones in the gallbladder, also known as gallstones. There are some gallstones that might not be noticed, but there are others that can keep bile from flowing as it normally should. Not only does miVIP Miami offer minimally invasive gallstones removal surgery, we also want to make sure that our patients have as much information as possible about their condition before their procedure.

How Prevalent are Gallstones?

According to medical statistics:

·       Between 10 and 20 percent of the US population is affected by gallstones

·       Men are more likely to suffer from gallstones than women

·       Nearly one million individuals are diagnosed with gallstones every year

·       By the age of 75, nearly 25 percent of men will have developed gallstones 

What are the Common Causes of Gallstones?

Whenever cholesterol and other substances are not dissolved in bile the right way, it might lead to gallstones. If you have high cholesterol or if you consume too much cholesterol, your cholesterol levels will not be increased in your bile, but is pinpointed in the liver. There is also the chance that gallstones can form if the gallbladder does not fully empty and backs up.

How Do You Know You Have Gallstones?

Several years might go by before you even notice that you have gallstones. In most cases, pain from gallstones will be chronic and present for at least 24 hours.

You might have gallstones if you have:

·       Dark urine

·       Fever

·       Chills

·       Pain that suddenly begins in the middle of the abdomen and shifts to the right shoulder blade or back

·       Jaundice

·       Pain that persists for longer than 24 hours

·       Light-colored stools

·       Pain that occurs after eating

How Are Gallstones Treated?

Medication is a viable option for gallstone treatment, but it might take several months or years before the gallstones are completely dissolved. An alternative treatment option is a cholecystectomy procedure, which is gallstones removal surgery.

One of the many advantages of allowing miVIP to take care of your surgery is that we have access to the absolute best medical technology as well as the best surgeons and support staff in the entire world. We will make several tiny incisions in your abdomen and use a small camera in order to get a better view of the stones.

What’s the Prognosis?

After your gallstones removal surgery, you will experience complete relief from your pain. Our laparoscopic surgeries are designed to help you heal faster and experience fewer complications.

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