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About Gallbladder Blockage

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The main purpose of your gallbladder is to gather and store bile for digestion. Bile is first made in the liver before flowing beneath it to the gallbladder. If you ever develop gallstones, then your flow of bile might be disrupted and you might experience gallbladder blockage.

Your doctor might recommend a gallbladder removal procedure, also known as a cholecystectomy, should you experience severe pain. miVIP surgeons specialize in minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures that are designed to lower your chances of bleeding during the surgery as well as lowering your chances of catching an infection. Before each procedure, we like to make sure that our patients are fully informed about their condition so that they have a better understanding of what is going on inside of their bodies. 

You Aren’t in This Alone

Recent medical statistics have shown that:

·       More than one million individuals are diagnosed with a blocked gallbladder every year

·       An excess of 25 million Americans are affected by gallstones

What Leads to Blockage?

While an exact cause of gallstones has yet to be discovered, there are three prevalent ideas in the medical community:

·       The presence of too much cholesterol in the bile can be difficult to break down and can also lead to the formation of stones

·       Having too much bilirubin in your bile can increase your chances of developing gallstones

·       Should your gallbladder ever be unable to flush the right way, bile can gather in a single area and form stones 

If you have a family history of gallstones, then you might be at an extra risk of pancreatitis, gallbladder cancer and jaundice.

Symptoms of Blockage

It is not always readily apparent that you have gallstones, but there are specific symptoms that you will want to be on the lookout for, including:

·       Sudden, intense pain in the upper right side of your stomach that quickly intensifies

·       Pain in your right shoulder or in your back between the shoulder blades

·       Sudden, intense pain in the center of your stomach below your sternum

Effectively Treating Blockage

When treating gallbladder blockage, doctors like to start with special medicines designed to break down the stones. You might be recommended for a gallbladder removal procedure if your case is severe. While having your gallbladder removed might cause mild, temporary diarrhea, both the risks and complications of the procedure are minimal. 

Condition Prognosis

Patients who take medication might have to wait several years or months for their gallstones to fully break down. Those who have their gallbladder removed by a professional and experienced miVIP surgeon can experience relief in a matter of days.

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