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Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in Miami

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Delivers Safe, Rapid Weight Loss

With more than one-third of the residents in the United States today able to be classified as medically obese, the need for surgical options to treat this disease is clear. Gastric sleeve surgery at MiVIP Miami offers many patients new hope in their struggle to achieve and maintain a proper body weight. The ability to do this can have a dramatic impact on an individual’s overall health and wellness in addition to appearance.

People interested in sleeve gastrectomy Miami should always work with experienced, board-certified surgeons to ensure they receive the best care and the latest technologies. The long-term benefits of the sleeve procedure are proven and safe.

Advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are many key benefits of gastric sleeve surgery that may make it the right option for obese patients as compared to other bariatric procedures. These can include:

  • Extremely rapid weight loss (some options have slower weight loss)
  • High short- and long-term success rates
  • No foreign objects must be left in the body
  • No rerouting of food is required
  • Positive hormonal changes that facilitate weight loss and maintenance
Sleeve gastrectomy Miami achieves weight loss in two primary ways, the first and foremost one being the ability to essentially shrink the stomach. Doing this reduces the amount of food that can be taken in. Secondarily, it is shown that abdominal hormones actually change so as to register an increase in satiety and decreases in both hunger and appetite, furthering a patient’s ability to lose weight or maintain weight once a healthy weight is achieved.

The Surgical Sleeve Process

The sleeve gastrectomy involves the removal of a large portion of the stomach. Typically about 80 percent of the stomach is taken out. What is left looks similar to a banana and is able to hold a much smaller amount of food than the original pouch. Staples are used close up the end of the remaining stomach sleeve.

Reducing the size of the stomach is the primary means by which weight loss is achieved.

What to Expect After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Monitoring diet will be an important part of the post-surgical process. If not careful, food can pass from the stomach to the small intestine too quickly, creating diarrhea and other related symptoms. MiVIP Miami doctors work closely with patients to help create an appropriate meal plan and ease any such complications.

Initial food will be liquid with the reintroduction of solid foods at a careful pace. Nutritional supplements will be an important part of ongoing health maintenance.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Prognosis and Results

Expected weight loss after a sleeve gastrectomy in Miami can be quite rapid and overall the procedure has a high rate of long-term success. Working closely with doctors is the best way to ensure these results.

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